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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Baby sex, baby name?

So later this day Lil' Genghis is going to get scanned again, and we'll likely all find out the sex of the baby. There's been much speculation, of course; our readers and the family in Brazil have both generally supported the idea of a boy, but a girl is becoming a recent favorite. Only the machine will tell for sure, of course.

That said, we were still working on the names even just a few minutes ago. But ...
We, the undersigned, do hereby agree that our baby, known generically as Lil' Genghis, is deserving of a proper name upon birth.

In the case our child is a girl, we shall name the young lady Sarah Grace.

In the case our child is a boy, we shall name the young man William Tecumseh.

To this writ one name is forged:

mom and dad

The 19th day of October, 2006

Edited by a stupefied mom: I hereby solemnly declare that I do not endorse this document. What in the world?!?


  • Finally the " one of the big days " has come!! :D

    I will bet it´s a girl.

    .. Or a Boy...

    I don´t know...

    ok, Girl.

    By Anonymous Uncle Bernie, at 19/10/06 00:46  

  • This Tecumseh?

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 19/10/06 03:51  

  • By the way: it's a girl, I'm sure!

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 19/10/06 05:02  

  • Yes, that Tecumseh, plus this one.

    By Anonymous dad, at 19/10/06 10:51  

  • Povo, pelamordedeus isso nao e' serio nao!! =OOOOOO

    By Anonymous freaked out mom, at 19/10/06 12:06  

  • Ahhhhhh tava doido pra chamar meu sobrinho de Tecunzinho...

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 19/10/06 12:18  

  • Mas nem que a vaca tussa!!!!!!

    By Anonymous horrified mom, at 19/10/06 12:27  

  • Tecunsê, Tecunsê, quiédevocê!!!

    By Blogger roleplayer, at 19/10/06 16:25  

  • Pouwww, ja virou esculhambacao...

    By Anonymous mom enfezada, at 19/10/06 19:08  

  • heuiaheuiah...

    e aihhhh!!!
    é menino ou meninaa:???

    eu vou chamar de Lil´Genghis de qualquer jeito!! hehehe gostei desse! :D

    By Anonymous Bernie, at 19/10/06 19:34  

  • Saberemos amanha! O ultrassom foi marcado pras 10:30h!

    By Anonymous anxious mom, at 19/10/06 20:51  

  • OKk!!

    By Anonymous Bernie, at 19/10/06 22:18  

  • Hmmm. Maybe its just the fact that I worked so long in hardware stores, but
    is what I think of when I hear Tecumseh.

    By Anonymous Boboli, at 20/10/06 17:09  

  • Hey, but they're good engines, right? Nothing to be ashamed of.

    By Anonymous dad, at 20/10/06 18:28  

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