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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Growing suspicions

With a small n-size and unscientific sampling, our survey suggests a strong belief that Lil' Genghis are actually Lil' Genghises. Multiple births run in mom's family, too.

Just in are the results of the second pregnancy test. On the first, they expected a level of between 50 and 100; Lil' Genghis scored 125. Today, they expected that number to roughly double, to about 250. Lil' Genghis scored 594, a doubling of the doubling. The nurse said it's way too early to tell just how many children may be clamoring to borrow the car in 16 3/4 years. An ultrasound in a few weeks may help.

When dad learned of the pregnancy, he was shocked and didn't know where to turn. His old high school and college buddy, known as Boboli, offered some useful advice in the case of multiples. dad had already figured out the corporate sponsorship idea. Boboli went a step further with one great name: Yale, the name of a university, a lock company and an insurance company. Three sponsors with one kid! Keep the names coming.


  • Mike and Suz,
    I'm so excited to hear your good news... and you will be great parents... no matter if you have one, two or more babies.
    Mike, you better think of another job out of journalism... multiples will be expensive!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/7/06 11:52  

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