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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Girl in the blue hat

Girl in the blue hat, originally uploaded by tunana72.

... and a runny nose!
Picture taken on Mount Auburn Cemetery, a gorgeous place in Watertown/Cambridge. It's really much more like a botanic garden and you can walk for miles and miles in there. The family enjoyed a nice stroll with Bellinha but this photo was taken a split second before she fell asleep just to wake up a couple of hours later while mom and dad enjoyed some food in a nice little Persian restaurant.


  • Eu e Memê queremos vê-la na webcam nesse findi!

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 11/7/07 08:27  

  • Olha que coisa mais linda
    Mais cheia de graça
    É ela Bellinha que vem e que passa
    Num doce balanço a caminho de nanar :D

    Linda demais!
    Bjs para todos,
    Tia Marselle

    By Anonymous Marselle, at 12/7/07 06:06  

  • hEY... JUST PASSing by to say HI! :D
    have a great day!

    By Blogger Bernardo, at 12/7/07 09:46  

  • Bebel e suas mil expressões...

    Lindas sempre!!!

    By Anonymous Piu, at 12/7/07 10:05  

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