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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


dad is passed out and mom prefers to leave it to him the task of describing how much fun Isabella's first Halloween was, because he's the one with the gift of the interesting narrative.
Halloween na creche

In the meantime, our dear friends and family can check out more pictures here.

EDIT: The narrative:
Surrounded by a dangerous and hulking lizard, a fiercesomely hot pepper, a confused lady bug and other scary or surprising creatures, Lil' "Not afraid of nuttin' Genghis was going to do her darned best. And so she did, passing out just a few minutes before the parade, dribbling a little formula and her head lolling around, seemingly as aimless and lost as the Democratic Party.

But confronted with another challenge -- could she wake before the parade? -- Lil' Genghis made it, barely, to the back of the line, where she had fun riding dad's head and posing for mom's photos.

At night we took her trick-or-treating a bit, stopped by about six hours, met some neighbors who universally said what a cutie she is. Her ego in good repair, Isabella retired for a warm bath and some cuddlin' with mom.


  • Wonder Woman Bebel! You are so Fancy!
    Pretty girl, you rock!
    Aunt Marselle

    By Anonymous Tia marselle, at 1/11/07 03:54  

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