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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Dear Reader, we're still going through our photos from Brazil/Christmas. We came back with about 2gb of photos and video, and there's a lot to take in.

Sometimes, there's far too much to take in. The best example: Uncle Johnny, Tio Joao, pole dancing. We think this deserves a post all of its own ... after we try to fix the exposure problems on the video, and maybe find a good soundtrack, and get a U.S. Attorney to agree to put Aunt Bruna in witness protection before she dies of embarrassment. One thing at a time ...

So we can write more, and certainly we can post more -- Aunt Marselle gently prodded us to get more online, and soon. We apologize for the delay -- it's just been BUSY here. Without further ado or explanation, some photos:

Waiiiiiitaminute. That doesn't look like a Brazilian Christmas. And where's the family?

Some distant cousins dropped in:


  • Yeah...More photos...More photos...More photos! We love you guys,there is a many fans of Bebel and Aninha, and of course of you guys that we missed so much, ´cause you are a very lovely and funny couple... So we are crazy to see the photos here, and also Uncle John / Tio João with your pole dance...Poor Aunt Bruna =OP
    Take care and my best wishes for all,
    Aunt Marselle =OD

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17/1/08 03:29  

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