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Saturday, August 09, 2008

New additions

We haven't heard yet, but we know Aunt Vanessa and Uncle Emerson were scheduled to meet their new daughter yesterday, 8-8-08. The little lady has a cousin with a birthday of 5-5-05, even. We hope to get some good news and a photo soon.

Meanwhile, Uncle Rodrigo and Aunt Melissa have taken their first child home.

They haven't settled on a name yet because they're not quite sure of the little, er, guy's sex. A veterinarian will help them out soon, we hear. More kitty porn here.

Meanwhile, let us all offer congratulations to the two newly expanded families, and once again encourage Rodrigo to propose to Melissa so their child can grow in a wholesome environment.



  • Now we know it's a boy. Linus Schrödinger is the name.

    In cat years he's 4 years old already, so next month or so he's ready to join us for booze and cigarettes.

    By Blogger Rod, at 12/8/08 04:42  

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