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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Another run for cancer

Running alongside, in front of, or behind Uncle Bruno in a similar quest, Uncle Chris is trying to help find cures for cancer, especially in children, by running the Boston Marathon.

Through his fundraising page,, you can learn a bit more about Uncle Chris and why he's doing this. Bruno kinda beat him to the fundraising punch here, even netting a donations from girldog and Cousin Linus, but no doubt Chris is still open to any sources of support from two-legged, four-legged, feathery or gill-y friends.

Wikipedia throws some doubt at the actual history of the Marathon as run by Pheidippides, which is different from the story dad remembers. You can read it and find a reference that Pheidippides ran the 26.2 miles, then dropped dead. dad remembers reading somewhere that the poor guy hallucinated a couple days, then died anyway. Either way, a marathon is not an easy thing. Both Uncle Chris and Uncle Bruno have run these before, and they're doing it for the best of causes. Our best wishes!


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