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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Early fears

It's almost funny, really, how after just a few days of "We're going to be parents!" the worries start to set in. For example, part of today was spent trying to find out more of mom's growing nutritional requirements, such as the roughly 100 grams of protein a day that are recommended. For a lot of people, this'd be tough. But, seeing as how mom doesn't think it's appropriate to hunt cows with flamethrowers, getting that extra protein will likely be an interesting challenge.

Someone mentioned the protein powders made available to true vegetarians, which may be an option. Then dad starts wondering if they're really qualitatively equivalent.

These are the kinds of little worries -- never mind the big ones -- that start to set in, and set in they do.

But, look at it this way: Protein shortages can have a major effect on brain development in the first trimester. And our family has a history of abnormalities that's tough to ignore -- an uncle on one side is a fan of FOX News, while an uncle on the other side works for Halliburton. We know that we'll be loving parents trying to work through life's inevitable obstacles. But we also know we should try to keep our children from turning out this way. =) And, so, we worry.


  • an fan of fox news, eh? that *is* an abnormality. you're kids better not go to the dark side! can't wait to hear how many lil khans there will be!

    By Blogger cady, at 10/7/06 13:56  

  • Well, the lil' khan's daddy DID work for the Gazette .......... :P
    Worse, he wrote for me. So there HAS to be some abnormality.

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 10/7/06 17:22  

  • Oh, and if there is a national shortage of protein, I know who to call.

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 10/7/06 17:25  

  • pork pork pork pork beer

    By Anonymous dad, at 10/7/06 22:05  

  • pork rinds?

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 12/7/06 17:45  

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