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Monday, July 24, 2006

Making dad jealous

dad doesn't think he gets jealous easily, but the facts might suggest something else. In the coming weeks, mom is going to shack up with a guy she loves -- a guy other than dad that is.

It all started when his dear wife fell in love with her first other guy. A large black guy, as it happens. Well, yeah, it is the poodle down the street, but ... dad? sharing his love? with a poodle? That's just ... weird.

Then one of her old childhood friends gave birth, and mom's heart was stolen yet again. And before we know it, if the doctor clears the way, mom's going to hop on a plane or two and visit her old friends ... and her new guy.

And if dad is right, mom will probably realize she's in love with their cat.


  • Dad, Prozac the Cat deserves all the love he can get. :-) As far as the new guy, P.A., don't think Mom will be here just playing with him, she will be practicing for when your own comes. Maybe you should come down with her for an intensive course.


    Chris and Lelia

    By Anonymous Lelia Pohlabel, at 24/7/06 22:40  

  • Muito obrigado para seu ... inivitation! =)

    Prozac deserves all the love he can get. He also pretty much gets all the love he can stand. =)

    By Anonymous dad, at 25/7/06 05:35  

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