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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Another interpretation

Sternest Meanings, a computer-driven anagram creator, offers additional insights into Lil' Genghis:
webuser: the mailman's baby
sternest: I am shabby, mental.
webuser: immaculate conception
sternest: Acclaim eminent cop-out.
webuser: painful delivery
sternest: Up a friendly evil.
webuser: genghis is a superb name
sternest: Bugger's inane misshape.
Hrm. Maybe it's broken?
webuser: weapons of mass destruction
sternest: US team swoops. Finds no trace.
webuser: triplets are coming
sternest: Imposing clatterer
webuser: corporate sponsorship if quadruplets
sternest: Not soporific, sharp poser. Plaque turds.
webuser: will they all be girls?
sternest: Well slight blearily.
webuser: will daddy be driven to drink?
sternest: Devil wrinkled, odd banditry.
Interpret as you may.


  • webuser: mike and suzy's baby is coming
    sternest: Amazing, yucky snobbism dies.

    By Anonymous Rod, at 24/7/06 07:16  

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