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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dad's nightmare

dad didn't quite like this insight into the future provided by manic Photoshopper and nerd extraordinaire Uncle Bob, but mom doesn't mind what Bellinha writes about as long as it rakes in enough of the moolah.


  • Can we give her a manual for Quark?

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 5/4/07 10:47  

  • Grrr. What does your browser window say? What does it say at the top of this page?

    "Lil' Genghis, future world leader", that's what. Not "Lil' Genghis, future cube monkey" or "Lil' Genghis, future wage slave in a dying industry."

    You guys are trying to crush her future before she even knows how to talk, for God's sake. At her current level of incoherence, she's only able to go into public relations. Let's support her and encourage her to try something more challenging, eh?

    By Anonymous dad, at 5/4/07 12:23  

  • Speaking of dying industries, what was your master's in again, Mike?

    -duck and run-

    By Anonymous Boboli, at 5/4/07 14:52  

  • Yeah, what does that degree say again, buddy?
    *ducks flying paper clips*

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 6/4/07 10:41  

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