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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Cargo pants

Well, we made it, most of us. Lil' Genghis passed out in the new master bedroom an hour or two back. She was hot and teething and perhaps upset at the move -- always a not-good combination -- but mom's magic calmed her down and got her to relax. That, and baby Tylenol for the tooth pains. Poor girl. Uncle Eddie says there's now two teeth poking through! Our little lady is quite the, er, ossifier-er.

With the wondrous help of three guys calling themselves Boston Movers, we got into the new place without anything broken (other than two light bulbs! Wow.) and a whole ... lot ... of stuff. dad would feel guilty posting pictures of the apartment as it is now, that, and mom really wants him to hook up the TV.

So we're here, except for boydog and girldog, who are hanging out in a kennel with their great buddies, Karen and David.

So since we're not going to show you pictures of the new place, really ... we still want to convey the full moving experience. Thus, one photo to illustrate how fun moving always is. This is the photo of stuff from dad's two front pockets of his cargo shorts. Not, mind you, all the front pockets (notably missing important things like the cell phone) or all the right pockets (wallet), but some of the things that made the move possible. Note also the absence of larger things, like Uncle Eddie who wouldn't fit in the front pockets of the cargo shorts anyway; shouldn't be in there anyway; and would result in a really confused Aunt Amanda who probably doesn't want her husband getting into other guys' pants. So, anyway:

From left to right, roughly:
  • Paperwork for renting the truck
  • Paperwork for the movers
  • A reminder that I need to schedule one dentist appointment and probably defer another
  • Spare copy of directions
  • A pen
  • A six-in-one screwdriver deal, with the rachet thingy
  • A Sharpie permanent marker for boxes
  • A knife, to replace the one I mislaid a few hours ago
  • Car/house/office keys
  • Rented truck key
  • Flathead screwdriver (long)
  • Phillips head screwdriver (long)
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Watch (needs a new band)
  • Scrap of paper littered with notes from four days of trying to convince the cable company that our new home exists. Really. The paper's been folded and moved around so many times it feels like fine brushed cotton or something.
  • Post-It Note (tm) with a reminder to find a dog walker on
  • $1, left from ... something.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. You want a baby picture:


    • Dad...Take care of your back. Cargo pants is good for moving, but you have to be carefully with your back.
      Poor Bebel with her first tooth. But this is normal...Mom can hang on this, and tylenol as well \o/
      I miss you all of you ;)
      With love,
      Aunt Marselle

      By Blogger Marselle, at 11/9/07 05:45  

    • Olha a minha afilhadinha q grandona no berço!!!!!

      By Anonymous Tia Piu, at 11/9/07 12:40  

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