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Friday, September 07, 2007


Years ago, when dad had hair, he hung out with a couple guys from high school including Uncle Boboli and this guy Kelly. Together, for no apparent reason, they came up with an often-repeated joke about ossifers. "No, I wasn't speeding, ossifer," was typical -- something to tell police officers, like you'd had too many somehow Pepsis at the Taco Bell, which somehow affected our driving like we'd been drinking alcohol. Kelly liked the word "ossifer" so much he started using it at home, which got his sister used to hearing it ... so she got pulled over for speeding one day, said, "Can I help you, Ossifer?" and was immediately told to get out of the car by a police officer who thought she'd been drinking.

(This passed-on silliness is trumped only by a story from Uncle Joe, who picked up dad's expression of BOHICA, liked it, started using it, saw it picked up by his sister, who passed it on to her boyfriend, who snuck the word into his company's employee manual. Wow.)

Anyway, back to ossifers.

So Lil' Genghis isn't in trouble with police officers, or police ossifers, or other sorts of ossifers. Instead, she, herself, is now officialy an ossifer.

That's in the sense of one who ossificates, or grows bones. mom discovered the first little stub of a tooth poking through last night. Her first tooth! She said there's about 1 mm poking through, which is about 1/25th of an inch. Let's hear it for Lil' Genghis!


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