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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Dear Reader,

We're sorry. We're sorry. We're sorry. It's not that Lil' Genghis hasn't been doing some pretty cool stuff -- you should see her roll now! -- or that we don't care about you guys*. We've just been crazily, nightmarishly busy.

So, let's start by saying, er, that everything and everyone is just fine, with one awful exception -- see the newer post than this.

In the last two weeks, boydog turned 5 years old, which is, er, 5 years old in dog and people years. Time is only relative if your brother-in-law is in town ... which will soon happen here.

We decided we didn't like being blackmailed by that last prospective landlord, who mentioned $30,000 per year gambling losses and then debated whether he could follow state law in making the place safe for Isabella.

Just in the last week, we signed a contract for another place (newer construction, big backyard, room for the little lady's first nursery); got a $3,300+ repair estimate for dad's car; sold that car for $50 ... with a full tank of gas; spent five hours in the emergency room after a doctor wanted to double-check that our little lady wasn't sick; had some stressful days at our jobs; and lost a beloved friend.

Anyway, everyone and everything's just fine, with that one last awful exception. mom has gotten a couple naps after some awful nights; Lil' Genghis is responding to treatment for a sinus infection; dad should be getting a new car. Grandpa John is coming into town to hang out with his granddaughter so mom and dad can pack their stuff for the move.

Anyway, thanks for reading! One camera's out for repair and the other's floating around -- we'll try to get some new pictures up soon. We have some cute pictures of boydog hanging out on top of some books we were surplusing. =)

mom and dad

*not counting Uncle Rodrigo


  • Relax Mom and Dad,
    we can wait to see more pictures. It's great to hear from you guys!
    Take care,
    Aunt Marselle

    By Anonymous Marselle, at 17/8/07 03:57  

  • Geez, you guys have had a lot of drama lately!!!!
    I hope things are calming down and please know I'm thinking about you.
    I hope Lil' Genghis is feeling better.
    Aunt Sharon:)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 20/8/07 06:56  

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