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Sunday, February 03, 2008


While all over the US all people can think of is the Superbowl, in Brazil there's another big celebration going on: it's Carnaval and it's time to put on a beautiful costume and go to the street do the samba.

Here you can see Great-Grandma Helena, Aunt Ligia and Aunt Piu getting Aninha ready for her big debut.

O skindo lele!!!

Click on photo to see the full set with Aninha in full regalia :)


  • Ah, que sorriso mais gostos de se ver logo de manhã! Já estreou no carnaval de baianinha! Pena que Tia Marselle não goste do carnaval, somente do feriado. Mas Aninha provavelmente terá o pé no samba já que Piu adora um Axé, pagode...
    Beijo grande para todos!
    Tia Marselle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/2/08 05:55  

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