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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lotta pictures coming

dad realized he's been blogging about non-Genghis stuff for the last month or so, and you guys surely want to see more pictures of the little lady. They're coming, he promises -- the plan is do post pictures every few days to get the interest of you, Dear Reader, up again, so you'll be checking this blog regularly in anticipation of the latest cute pictures, and after a certain period of rewards we'll crush your soul completely and go another month without pictures of Lil' Genghis. Sorry. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and we need Lil' Genghis to have strong people around her as examples.

Speaking of strength, we have a cute chance to ridicule Uncle Rodrigo's semi-sorta-adopted second or third country, Norway. Norway, you'll remember, is the country that entered World War II one morning and gave up by lunchtime. They were so incompetent, in fact, that the puppet wasn't puppet-y enough.

So it's with little surprise politically and militarily, but lots of delight from a childish standpoint, that Norway is boosting the military role of one of its penguins.

There's a great video here. This picture, through with an unknown original source, seems to capture things nicely.


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