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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Travels, photos, burpdays

mom and Lil' Genghis made their way back home this morning -- everyone's tired, but fine.

We just posted some 400 photos, with more to come as we dig through 'em, rotate them, etc. Uncle Rodrigo actually took some decent photos, though I guess when you take that many the numbers are in your favor.

And a Happy Birthday shout-out to Aunt Melissa, who is turning 18 today, and hopefully has celebrated with a nice Belgian beer, or twelve.

Cousin Aninha turns 1 year old tomorrow, Wednesday -- hard to believe the time's passed so quickly! Hopefully, not too many beers for her ... and let's hope they're not Skols, at any rate. Blech.

Aunt Becky also turns 18 years old, albeit on Thursday. Lil' Genghis did the gift-buying this year.

On Friday, Uncle Andy will wake up in Nebraska, hungover yet again, and realize he's survived another year. And also on Friday is Aunt Claudinha, who is also turning 18 -- celebrating a heckuva year in which she started her own business, moved, and adopted a truly insane dog.

Again, we hope to have pictures of some of these folks posted soon.


  • Jeez, I didn't know you two knew so many well-balanced people. My birthday is Friday also... and I'm glad I won't be turning 18 again (who wants to go through all those crazy years)! Pat's birthday is Oct. 10... yep, editors really do celebrate birthdays!

    By Blogger Sharon's New Life, at 1/10/08 09:55  

  • Yeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Happy B'Day to all!
    And Sú and Mike, my B'Day it's also coming...Don't forget my B'Day guys!
    Miss you and Love you all of you =O)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/10/08 05:58  

  • To Aninha:
    Aninha linda da Titia...Parabéns pelo o seu primeiro aniversário!!! Mais uma lindeza que trouxe felicidades para nós! Menina sapeca e risonha! Te amo!
    Tia Marselle =O)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/10/08 06:00  

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