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Friday, August 29, 2008


... some of you ... may not ... have ... heard. ... dad ... has been ... on his own ... for nearly ... 60 ... entire ... hours.

Ham steaks ... mostly gone. ... Cereal stocks ... exhausted. Milk .... gone. No ... bratwurst. Limited .... beer. boydog ... here ... Asian ancestry. ... still have .... peanut sauce?

No ... shouldn't grill ... child. ... must catch ... and trap ... squirrels ... or seek ... supermarket.

Ooh, pudding. OK. Feeling better.

So, while dad is starving to death, mom is whining about something or another. Apparently she doesn't like to be covered in baby vomit at 6 a.m. on an international flight. And she hasn't even said what time zone she was in yet! If she was in Boston/Atlanta time, she'd only had two hours before landing. Geesh. It's not like the three hours if she were on local time. Unless it was.

Yeah. So we're still waiting for pictures (presumably, not of vomit) from Brazil, but dad is told that Lil' Genghis should be feeling better soon. Whether it's from antibiotics, fresh-picked bananas from the backyard of Grandpa Rinaldo's home, or from medicinal doses of Cuarenta Y Tres, we're not quite sure. Hopefully we'll hear more soon.

In the meantime, let's all think sweet thoughts of mom and Lil' Genghis our globe-trotting (but not yet globe-conquering) adventurers.

On an unrelated note, a final round of pictures from the last month is slated to be posted Sept. 4. dad hopes to post more of the (much older) pictures in the near future, as soon as he finds more pudding or eats boydog ... or just goes shopping.


  • Just ask Dominos to deliver every 8 hours a pepperoni pizza, on a schedule (make it prepaid) for the next 4 weeks, and you will be alright.

    By Anonymous Rod, at 30/8/08 01:17  

  • Poor Suze she has to take care of two kids, one throwing up and one who spends his days drinking beer and whining. :)

    By Anonymous Joe, at 30/8/08 06:55  

  • rod, oh, the irony: Just last night Joe and I were talking about starting a business that delivered cold pizzas in the mornings.

    The Domino's pizza here is closed 11 hours a day (plus figure half an hour for delivery), so that's almost a half a day without sustenance.

    Suuuure, you could say, you can leave the pizzas outside -- but it's still warm here. And of course I plan to have the refrigerator filled with beer.

    Completely honest update: Lil' Genghis is sorta semi-sleeping with a fever, but she's in good hands.

    Here's to hoping mom gets some good rest ... which she hasn't had since at least Tuesday, and probably earlier.

    I hear Grandpa Rinaldo and Lucia (she doesn't like that word) are throwing a welcoming party for Lil' Genghis, but everyone understands the poor little girl's not feeling her best.

    By Anonymous dad, at 30/8/08 12:55  

  • Ooh, a few days late for mom, there's a new Boston Globe story: Sometimes, it takes a village to have a family vacation.

    It's a modern approach to the oldest of summer traditions. A nuclear family is fine, in theory. But parents of young children know the truth: Backup is crucial when it comes to chasing down sippy cups, hunting for misplaced pink Crocs, corralling toddlers intent on dashing into the ocean, and refereeing who gets to use the boogie board first.

    Rinaldo, Lucia, Marcelo, Rafael, Biziza, Caliman, Piu, Robinho, Ligia, Claudinha, Helena, Biju, and everyone else who's going to keep my girl from running into a street or something: Thank you.

    By Anonymous dad, at 30/8/08 13:49  

  • You know, I hadn't meant to leave Rodrigo off that list. It's funny how the mind can block traumatic experiences.

    mom wrote in last night that
    Lil' Genghis "had a tough day, but all of a sudden she went on the upswing, ate well at dinner time," then ... plowed through a bottle of milk, yogurt and a little brioche roll. dad isn't quite sure even what a brioche roll is, but he trusts she's in very capable hands. ... Grandpa Rinaldo is -not- unknown for his cooking abilities, even though while he's carving up meat he tells this story about a guy who used to wipe the sweat off his chest with his knives as he cut meat. Why? It's salt, the guy explained.

    Whether this story predates mom's aversion to eating tasty animals, I don't know.

    Anyway, last we heard, Lil' Genghis was doing much better.
    Beebs had a tough day, but all of a sudden she went on the upswing, ate well at dinner time, had mamazinho, then yogurt, then a little brioche roll and finally fell asleep. Pheww...
    No fever that I can detect.

    By Anonymous dad, at 31/8/08 12:43  

  • Whoops, didn't know I'd quoted mom there in that last update. So, a few health updates on a few members of the family:

    Lil' Genghis: Fever broke yesterday, she's been doing fine for 24 hours -- the ear infection is on its way out. Weee!

    boydog: Got some lovins from his eye doctor, who also shares our enthusiasm for "My Life As A Chicken," one of the finest works of modern literature. She was a bit nervous when we'd told her that he'd gotten a dose of Medrol for his allergies -- serious stuff, she says, with serious side effects sometimes. He's got a follow-up visit Wednesday with the allergy doctor.

    dad just started Medrol and says, Steroids are fun! He walked around the block with both dogs pulling the *#$& and made it back sweating but not panting from pain, which is a 50-percent improvement right there. Should know more about his back problem Friday.

    mom is just tired and really really busy.

    Grandpa John is coming for a week of bachelor fun in September, and around Thanksgiving as well with Lil' Genghis. Should be fun.

    By Anonymous dad, at 31/8/08 20:32  

  • Hahahahaha...
    Mike, I've the better solution:
    Spaghetti with meat balls...Sounds good, na? lolz
    You addicted me in this stuff...Purchase a box \o/...And don't drink to much beer or you'll start to sing "Oh by myself...Don't wanna be...Oh by myself...Anymore..." like Briget Jones...lolz
    Take care,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/9/08 05:42  

  • Just kidding...Hehehe
    Take care,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/9/08 05:47  

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