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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick update

We never had a chance to post here about Uncle Clóvis, who passed away last week after struggling with cancer.

His hometown newspaper has a story on him; an English translation is here.

Most of the time, such stories focus on what a person's job was, and how it related to other people. There's a lot that here -- Uncle Clóvis helped launch careers, but at its most basic levels, he was working to bring music to people -- one of the simplest, most generous things a person can do.

That's just part of the story. It's fitting enough that before the story talks about what he did in business, it focuses on what he did as a person -- including being the loving stepfather of Aunt Amanda and the doting husband of Aunt Wanderly, one of Lil' Genghis' bestest friends in the whole world.

Our hearts go out to that side of the family. We're so sorry.

Other parts of the family have been having health problems as well, but not to the same degree.

Uncle Joao turned 50 last night, celebrating with a strong dose of food poisoning -- yikes! Very unfun.

A continent away, Aunt Piu and Uncle Robinho also got hit with food poisoning. dad is still struggling with a bad back, and in a major change, mom just got knee surgery that has her in strong discomfort and suffering through dad's household skills. She seems to be feeling better already, thankfully.

For those of you keeping track, Uncle Rodrigo knows about all this -- knows that his sisters and their husbands are sick -- and is still just hanging out at his apartment playing on a computer instead of lifting a finger to help his nieces. Figures.


  • What a nice story... thanks for sharing.
    Those stories are always hard to write because you're having to deal with a time of grief... but it comes with the hope the story becomes a treasure in the weeks, months and years to come.

    By Blogger Sharon's New Life, at 11/12/08 13:24  

  • Yes, what a nice story! I'm here sending my best wishes to all of you...Hard things happenned in our lives, and we need to going on with our lives with hope and faith!
    Uncle Rodrigo, to a better journey regarding flights, go to Boston first and help your niece Bebel and after come here to help your niece Aninha! Kidding Zô...
    Missing you guys...A lot!
    Aunt Selle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 18/12/08 15:57  

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