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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tech upgrades, new Lil' Genghis products

Kind folks,

Behind the scenes we've made some extra changes to our Lil' Genghis photo galleries.

We had to upgrade the hardware that all this stuff runs behind, get a new router.

We updated the Gallery2 photo gallery software itself. But this improved upgrade also let us:
  • Fix the download-shopping-cart-as-a-ZIP thing. I don't know when that broke. Whoops. You can download individual files or entire albums by adding 'em to your cart, then telling it to Add to Zipfile. It can take maybe 20 seconds to process 50 photos -- give it a little time and it'll come through for you, and remember if there's videos in the mix it'll take it a while longer. Once you have the files on your computer, you can put 'em on a CD or take 'em online anywhere you'd like.
  • Through the software, you can print the pictures through Shutterfly, same as before. That's strictly between you and Shutterfly -- we're not involved.
  • Europeans can print pictures now through FotoKasten, a German outfit that may offer more convenience to Lil' Genghis fans in Europe. Someone does make a purportedly small profit off these prints -- the guys that created the photo gallery software itself.
  • Last, and potentially most interesting, we've enabled access to SnapGalaxy. This doesn't give us an easy way to not make a profit; we're trying to find out if we can make sure we won't be held liable for -your- prints if -they- raise their prices. We may jack up the prices somewhat to make a profit so we don't make a loss, if that makes any sense. SnapGalaxy may have the most potential as far as being able to ship internationally and has a -really- wide variety of products ... but we'd not like to owe money for your guys' products, and we don't want to make a profit from you. Anyway, once we figure out the pricing, you, too, can have your very own photo cremation urn. Wait, what?
  • We can also add PhotoWorks and Digibug support, if anyone cares.

Anyway, explore a bit. Any suggestions are gratefully welcomed.



  • How about putting a link to Lil'Genghis' photo gallery somewhere in the blog, or at least in this post?

    By Anonymous Rod, at 20/10/08 03:09  

  • Listen, buddy, we've got Aunt Becky to give us advice on user interface design. She only has a doctorate and about what, 8 years' experience? So you keep your piddly little comments to yourself. K THX BYE. :P

    Anyway, here's the gallery.

    By Anonymous dad, at 20/10/08 08:01  

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