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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adventures in Babysleeping

Lil' Genghis tried out her room yesterday, and slept until 3:17 a.m. Today, she made it to 6:24 a.m. before she wanted to curl up with mom in the big bed.

She's got her old favorites -- the cool turtle night sky light, the aquarium mounted on her bed that used to be on her crib. And she's got a picture of Cousin Aninha in there, of course, and falls asleep curled up with Cassie, her daughter and stuffed unicorn. And last night she also had to fall asleep with a toy Phillips-head screwdriver and a toy measuring tape, which she kept dropping.

And, yes, she cuddled the screwdriver, too.

So she's getting older, and moving surprisingly quickly with becoming more independent. This may mean, in time, mom and dad can actually touch each other for most of a night. Heck, at the present rate, she'll be sleeping until around 4 p.m. on Sunday, which'd let mom and dad catch lunch and a matinee of Avatar before she wakes up.

All hail progress!


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