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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Home safe

We're just popping in here to say that mom and dad made it home safely after accompanying Lil' Genghis to his first trip to Brazil. Today, the short leg, took about 25 hours door-to-door.

After dozing in chairs, airplane seats, rows of airplane seats and even an airport floor, we're simply Sofa King tired.

We plan to blog more in the coming days, from pictures of family, friends and scenery to the foetid ... er ... feeble ... er ... febrile ... er ... FETAL beginnings of dad's tour guide to Brazil.


  • Hi there! good knowing that everything went fine. I am back home in viçosa too. :D It was awesome seeing you two and lil´genghis.

    By Anonymous Uncle Bernie, at 17/10/06 19:11  

  • Bernie, we loved seeing you too! We hope you had a good birthday!
    Keep in touch!

    By Anonymous mom and dad, at 17/10/06 20:09  

  • Looking forward for the pics :)

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 18/10/06 03:24  

  • Cumádi, Nem pra dizer que criou um blog? :-) Caramba!!!

    Saudades de VC!


    By Anonymous Milady, at 18/10/06 20:53  

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