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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Where there's a preggie woman...

... you will surely find another. That's what mom has noticed lately. Preggies everywhere, and I don't mean only when we walk into a maternity clothing store. Yesterday we went to the CambridgeSide Galleria (and missed some big good'ole fun by one day!) and there they were, strolling around doing that funny ducky walk that mom is now starting to show when she strolls.

The preggie double vision makes us think of a funny theory that appeared in Brazil a few years ago. This guy named Luis Moraes started going out with his camera and every time he spotted a VW Beetle he'd sure enough see another (not necessarily of the same color) following right behind. Unfortunately Moraes's website is not up anymore but you could actually see dozens os pictures submitted by intrepid followers that'd set out to the streets and photograph the double Beetle sightings.

P.S. On a not so funny and a tad self-conscious note, mom now thinks she looks herself a lot like one of those cute little German cars.


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