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Monday, September 25, 2006


On the positive side, some family friends blogged about earlier are all feeling much better. On a very sad note, though, Cousin Marcus' favorite furry friend, Prozac, is in poor health. Marcus may not remember the little guy; Lil' Genghis may never get to meet him. Let's keep hoping for the best.

Prozac is an unusual cat. His family lore includes a story about a vet commenting on how playful a kitten he was for being older -- even though the vet misread his age, and he was actually a decade older than the "older" she thought he was. He's now 14, and while very sick, is still awfully cuddly.

Here's a picture we took of him last year:
Hang in there, little buddy.

ETA: The blood test results came back and things don't look good. Prozac is getting his angel wings this afternoon. We'll miss you, buddy. Wherever you go, make sure you be a good cat and don't behave.


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