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Saturday, March 24, 2007


Big correction: It's Aunt Karen, not Aunt Kathy, who has taken such great care of boydog and girldog over the last two weeks. Whoops. dad wants to smack himself over that miscue, particularly since Aunt Karen and Uncle David have been beyond accommodating. She always said she was there to help, not hinder, and took the dogs for another week after dad wrecked his back. We can't recommend their professional services and their friendship enough, even if we can't get their names straight.

Anyway, so we got the dogs back today, and things went ... quietly. The dogs seem more relaxed than normal, even, and are a little inquisitive but not even very much toward Lil' Genghis. All that said, boydog took a diaper-changing opportunity to explore Isabella's accoutrements. The rest, as they say, is history:

In other news, dad has gotten a few quiet moments with Bellinha. He finds her eyes just so darned expressive. (Unfortunately, it's tough to hold baby and take pictures at the same time, and the little one doesn't have the same awareness of what a camera lens is that we do, so she doesn't make eye contact.)

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  • Chewy never did like going for walks. Now we know he prefers to be carried.

    By Anonymous Aunt Catherine, at 26/3/07 01:07  

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