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Monday, March 19, 2007

Projectile physics

It's amazing what newborns can do -- they can clutch your finger in their impossibly tiny hands, they can recognize voices and react appropriately, and they can spray bodily substances surprising distances with body parts that weren't even functional a week ago. Amazing.

So dad with the bad back is on the way to trying to get someone else to wash our disgusting laundry. Isabella is doing great -- her weight has stabilized and rebounded a bit, and she looks less jaundiced. mom is trying to take things easier.

A little quiz, for the future dads:
    What kind of clothing should you bring to the hospital?
  • Comfortable clothes, because you don't know when you'll be able to change;
  • Clean-looking clothes, so you don't feel like a war criminal waiting in line at the cafeteria;
  • Easily laundered clothes, so you can remove odd bodily fluids from unexpected places; or
  • Clothes made from very flammable materials, so you don't need to worry about washing them.
If you weren't quite sure of the answer, you're probably dumb enough to stand downwind. =)


    Look at her face from Daddy! So cute!
    Beatiful pics...I'm not tired to say how much I am in love with her
    Take care guys.
    Aunt Selle

    By Anonymous Marselle, at 21/3/07 05:52  

  • that duck robe looks *awfully* familiar! i wonder what great, wonderful, cool friends got that for her?? ;)

    By Anonymous cady, at 22/3/07 17:39  

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