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Friday, March 16, 2007

New news, old photos

Lil' Genghis had her third visit with a pediatrician today.

It seems the little lady is already becoming a pioneer, bringing together a weight-loss plan that most women would envy. She's down 10 percent from her birthweight (to 8 lb even, and presumably that's about 36 newtons or 3.6kg). It's not a huge worry at the moment -- everybody's fine, everybody's healthy -- but it's something they need to keep an eye on.

Way back when, dad had a high school French class in which he learned how to conjugate an odd verb. At that point, he didn't learn useful verbs that would let him ask if someone wanted to eat, grab a beer or abuse Algerians. Instead, he learned how to say something he thought was utterly worthless, but that he can now say to his daughter: "Vous jaunissez." That's French for "you're turning yellow."

Bellinha's got a bit of jaundice, nothing too serious, but, again, just something to keep an eye on.

mom is not the most comfortable person in the world, but she's getting at least some of the help she needs with various sore and half-broken body parts. Considering the night before the delivery she was on morphine, maybe things are looking up. Let's all wish her well!

Aunt Catherine had asked about the dogs: They haven't met, except by smell. Only today did we get a chance to drop off a hat, which had been in dad's pocket for some 28 hours at that point. Aunt Kathy, who runs the kennel, was told that we'd pick up boydog and girldog up on Saturday. "No, you're not," she replied. It's nice to be blackmailed by such a wise, sweet professional. Maybe we'll begin the introductions on Sunday instead (Kathy suggested Monday, which is set to be dad's last off, which could make dog introductions a bit busy.)

So, in short, the news is still that we've got a few things to worry about but everybody's overall doing well and is healthy. We've got a visit from a ... visiting nurse sometime tomorrow if the weather provides, and she'll go back to a pediatrician at the hospital on Saturday or Sunday.

We've got some photos and a video from yesterday, as well as one photo from today, with Grandma Biziza relaxing with Lil' Genghis at home.

... and Blogger tells us that they're having problems posting photos right now. Soooooooooooooooo we'll try again later.

We're going to post a video now, which isn't yet approved, and let you worry about that, too. =)

EDIT: dad, who in his sleep deprivation is still more capable of cognition than Uncle Rodrigo, reposted one picture. So we substituted the repeat picture for one of Bellinha in her coming-home outfit, which was sent by Aunt Melissa, who is far better than Uncle Rodrigo deserves.

EDIT EDIT: Yeah, if you couldn't figure it out, mom approved only portions of the above message. dad won't tell her if you won't tell her. Heck, she's sitting there with Bellinha, so she's even less maneuverable than before.


  • Thankfully Mike didn't learn "you are turning green with purple spots"...that would be harder to fix!

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 17/3/07 00:30  

  • Vess du fan ikke kan oppfør dæ årntli så ska æ stapp høue ditt opp i ræva di, så kan du sett dær, aleina i mørtna, å prat mannskit me dæ sjøl.

    By Anonymous dad, at 17/3/07 00:37  

  • Ok if we're going to do different languages, j'espère que vous ayez bien aimé le cadeau pour le bébé! Elle est trop mignone!!! Beijos a todos e don't worry, I was also very yellow when I was born (and I turned out _more or less_ ok!!!) Keep us informed! My mom sends lots of hugs and kisses as well, she thinks (as does everybody!) that Isabella is just gorgeous....

    By Blogger Melissa, at 17/3/07 05:23  

  • Mikey,

    Next time you use this horrible translation site you've found, remember to uncheck the "Elmer Fudd" option...

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 17/3/07 07:07  

  • Hey, if you ever find out her diet technique ...... pass along the secret to me, please?
    So, you're being blackmailed, eh?

    By Anonymous Auntie Leeanne, at 17/3/07 16:07  

  • Cool to see three generations in the same video!
    Su, ela não tem as suas bochechas de quando vc tinha a mesma idade da Bellinha! hahahah

    By Blogger malaccousa, at 18/3/07 08:37  

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