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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


  • Cousin Savannah is doing the expected -- wearing her parents out already. Uncle Pat was having problems getting photos to friends and family, noting just eight minutes after midnight, "I'll try to fix that when I'm not loopy from a lack of sleep." Based on his own experience, dad is expecting those photos around 2011. =) Cousin Savannah is having her first (daily) birthday today. =)
  • Cousin Marcus, who had so much time poking boydog and sharing his Cheerios with girldog, was still barking yesterday. He'd left the dogs a couple of days earlier, but apparently they made a big impression on him. No word yet on whether Uncle Chris has changed his mind from getting his lad a cat to hang with. We can always grab a small box, poke a couple holes and get rid of boydog ...
  • Last, but certainly not least, we've got a big girl. Lil' Genghis got checked out by a doctor yesterday. Despite digestive problems, she's up to 11 pounds, 8 ounces ... at what dad vaguely remembers was at week ... seven? Maybe sixth. Anyway, the doctor's happy.
Looking ahead: Lil' Genghis is planning a trip to meet all her sweet relatives and friends, as well as Uncle Rodrigo, during Christmas. mom and dad are thinking they can't toss too much extra luggage on Grandpa John, so we started exploring getting some of the basic, consumable, heavy supplies in Brazil itself. It can be an early education for Lil' Genghis on the Brazilian mentality of economics, which stems from years of hyperinflation and great wealth disparities. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can indeed buy diapers on a payment plan. When the hell would you pay them off?


  • Dear Bellinha,
    I'll be here to have you in my arms and tell you how cute you are!
    I love you since you was inside your Mom.
    Love you little girl!
    Aunt Selle

    By Anonymous Marselle, at 2/5/07 17:41  

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