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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy burpday!

Friday was Bellinha's first (month) birthday. She celebrated with pepperoni pizza, beer, and big bottles. Well, one outta three ain't bad.

The real celebration came today ... er ... the day that ended 30 minutes ago, Friday. We took her out for a nice stroll, swinging by a pizza place (for us) with the former diabetic mom sampling half a piece of baklava to boot; a run to CVS for some baby necessities ... and then lots and lots of time at the library, followed by a stop on the river.

Lil' Genghis just loves being read to, if by "loves" you mean "enjoys sleeping through." mom and dad wound up reading something like four books to her, and she slept gladly through most of 'em. Lessee here:
Are you a ladybug?: The daughter liked sleeping through this. The mother liked learning more about ladybugs.
Mike Mulligan and His Steamshovel: dad read this when he was a kid, and it was kinda cool to get back to. Of course, now he thinks Operation Plowshare should be used to create deep-water ports in Africa, but hey.
Easter Egg Disaster: Eh.
Last, but not least: The Discovery of Dragons: Wow. Click that link. Click the "Look inside this book." Wow. Very cool stuff, and funny, too.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, you guys just want pictures. She slept pretty much the whole outting. So don't expect too much action.


  • Pelo jeito ela curtiu horrores o passeio! Ligada no lance!

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 16/4/07 03:04  

  • Ah, Pinchêja! Parabéns! Su preciso do seu endereço pq tem coisa pra essa coisinha linda e fofa! manda pro meu email do trabalho:

    é com 2 x mesmo...

    By Blogger Silvio, at 18/4/07 08:50  

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