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Friday, July 13, 2007

Free beer

Well, it got you reading, didn't it?

Uncle Josh succeeded in getting in a nice misogynistic comment even while celebrating the birth of his first son. That's the kind of multitasking dad can support. Yeah!

Anyway, we're steali ... grabbi... repurposing their photos for our blog. So, without further ado, here some early shots of Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Josh with little Jacob David.

Let's hear it for the latest Genghis!

... and then let's go exploring the wonders of outsourcing. The most-often cited source of information on outsourcing is Thomas Friedman's "The Earth Is Flat," winner of the prestigious Walken-Schandling Award For Most Painfully Stretched Metaphor That JUST WON'T FKING DIE! DIE! DIE!

Now, however, we have a new source:

Report: Many U.S. Parents Outsourcing Child Care Overseas


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