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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Happy horde!

We've heard about two wonderful new Genghii. Cousin Jacob David was born to Aunt Rebecca and Uncle Josh -- please don't call him J.D., thanks -- while Cousin Rafic was born to Aunt Sussen and Uncle Gary.

It's important to keep in mind that new mothers are physically and emotionally wrecked. Labor and delivery itself is an incredibly trying process, and one that doesn't come with a week worth of quality rest afterwards. It's also important to remember that with new moms and new babies, neither is quite sure what to do all the time; both, for example, have to learn how to nurse, and that can be frustrating for both and painful for one.

So let's all remember just how overwhelmed Aunt Rebecca and Aunt Sussen are. Ready? That means their defenses are down, so we can repost these pictures from Lil' Genghis' American baby shower.

Let's hear it for the new moms, dads and boys!


  • Man, Segaloff! Always hittin' the bottle!!!!!! :)

    By Anonymous Auntie Leeanne, at 13/7/07 11:45  

  • thats Hyman, thank you. I didn't agree to take part in a male dominated society so I could hear my wife referred to with her maiden name.
    ps pix of Jacob at (search for Jacob David Hyman)

    By Blogger Shwa, at 13/7/07 23:47  

  • Oops, sorry New Daddy. :)

    By Anonymous Auntie Leeanne, at 16/7/07 10:40  

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