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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hitting the bottle

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Aunt Lelia got this whole baby shower thing planned and expertly executed, because Brazilians make superb hosts. Then another old Brazilian pal, Aunt Sussen, sorta took over and emceed the event, coming up with unusual games and competitions. Yeah.

So, anyway, the games included hitting the bottle, pretty hard core. Here we see mom:

All the make-up is from some sorta crazy Brazilian tradition, in which guests get to put on cosmetics if the mother-to-be incorrectly guesses the contents of the wrapped gifts. mom, ever-competitive, was still sorta a loser tonight, but she had fun. Nevertheless, we see her hitting the bottle -- this is the real stuff, the Diet Coke with caffeine -- to help her recover.

mom wasn't the only mom-to-be, nor was she the only one hitting the bottle. Here is Aunt Rebecca(*1):

She's supposed to learn whether she's having a boy or a girl within a week or so, we're told. Three cheers for her!

Last, but not least, is Aunt Sussen herself. This was news to everyone at the shindig.

Yep, that's her ultrasound, and her. Great news, huh?

mom and dad will be forever grateful to our sweet guests, who offer such wonderful friendship and helped clothe Lil' Genghis, offer her plenty of things to play with, fresh bedding, books ... and also offered purely useful things, like a high chair (great for increasing the distance and velocity of projectile food!), a diaper disposal system and a week-plus worth of food!

*1: This'll confuse you, dear reader, more than the bit about how Aunt Sharon has a sister named Sharon. It's about our Rebeccas. See, Aunt Becky is now a Ph.D.-wielding professional who has spent the last decade trying to be known as Rebecca. The Aunt Rebecca, mentioned here, is a pen-wielding professional who tries convincing her friends that she should be called Becky. Go figure.

Edit: mom says that dad needs to blog that he was attacked by a diaper disposal system, which left a mark on his forehead. Of course, she didn't want to mention that she's still covered in makeup that makes her look something like the Cowardly Lion crossed with Raggedy Ann.


  • Awesome!!!
    it sounded very fun!!

    By Blogger Bernardo, at 28/1/07 00:09  

  • Wow! What a BABY SHOWER!
    Funny pics., and you´re so pretty with this funny brazilian make-up and the bottle.
    You will be a great MOTHER!
    Love you guys!
    With all my love that I have for you,
    Selle ;)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 29/1/07 01:23  

  • Su, please tell me you've this all on video... LOL! Did Chewie and Sasha freaked out when they've saw you under make-up? And there's definitely something more on that bottle... Don't tell me about Diet Coke!
    Stay cool there, Su.

    By Blogger Silas Alexandre, at 30/1/07 06:25  

  • Are we 100 PERCENT POSITIVE that it was only Diet Coke in there?
    OK, Rebecca (Becky, whatever!), we've been trying to get you off the bottle for years. But now, I see our efforts are for naught. Sigh.
    Wish I could have been there. Seemed a LOT more fun than working. :)

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 30/1/07 11:52  

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