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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Light from darkness

dad is feeling a little bit guilty about that last rant, and Lil' Genghis' hometown football team just got spanked in the last minute. Here, we say football to mean, er, football, not soccer. The New England Patriots lost to the New York Jets in this year's Super Bowl.

So let's find some light from the dark times. Among our Dear Readers are at least three big football fans:
  • Uncle Eddie, who was born in Buffalo and generally roots for anyone except the Patriots ... or more precisely, anyone playing the Patriots ... has plenty of reason to be happy.
  • Aunt Lelia, whose time served in Indianapolis made her loyal to the Colts, might be smiling because the Patriots were widely expected to face the Colts, who were ousted earlier in the playoffs.
  • Aunt Leeanne. This one's a little tougher, because God knows she's about the biggest Patriots fan on the planet ... even though a majority of her soul seems to be devoted to the Red Sox. We're not quite sure how one person can fit in such local patriotism (bah-dum) in a single human body, but, it is what it is. Clearly, as a Patriots fan, Leeanne has reason to be crushed. Yet ... the Patriots are led by Tom Brady, whom Leeanne has been stalking for years. Brady knocked up one woman -- to her regret, not Leeanne -- and then went on to date Brazilian supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen. Now, let's think about this for a minute. That woman's Brazilian, so she probably likes the wrong kind of football even more than she likes the right kind of soccer. Her boyfriend can't even make MVP. Maybe this will help cripple the relationship, making Tom Brady potentially more likely to go back on the market, and thus increasing somewhat Aunt Leeanne's chances of catching him unprepared and unescorted when she begins his enslavement.

    See? Light from darkness. Sure, it involves slavery for purposes too nefarious to discuss on a baby blog, but it's all about the positive spin.

    Did we mention there's a presidential election coming around in a couple days? =) Yep. Spin.


    • Mengoooooooooooo....Mengooooooooooooo...Flamengooooooooooooooooo! lol =OP
      Take care guys and good luck with your football teams!
      Aunt Marselle

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/2/08 05:52  

    • GO Manning Go!!!! ooops, different Manning... no problem.. same family!!! :-) Don't be sad for Brady.. he has Giselle to cheer him up.:-)He will probably go to Brazil now and have a good time.

      Beijos.. L

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/2/08 12:51  

    • First of all, it was the New York Giants, not the Jets. We're talking NFC. (Us Bears fans are really reaching this year)

      Once the Bears were eliminated this year, I was hoping for a New England v. Dallas Superbowl, that way there could be a halftime show featuring Giselle and Jessica Simpson, hopefully in cherry jello. Janet Jackson be darned.

      Anyway, there is always next year. The Bears will finally go 19 - 0 and put all the rest of the pretenders to bed.

      By Anonymous boboli, at 4/2/08 15:10  

    • So you people are all STILL trying to kill me??? Has anyone else noticed that it's grey and cloudy in New England lately?
      Gisele, football and Brazilian football .... NOT THE SAME FRIGGIN' THING!!!!!!! Tom, this girl here in Dighton knows what American football is. Just drop the restraining order.

      By Anonymous Auntie Leeanne Brady*, at 5/2/08 15:52  

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