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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Tech update/pictures coming


dad earlier promised a bunch of pictures coming ... and got hamstrung by a weird technical problem. mom's "new" digital cameras takes pictures in a really inefficient format, and the 1gb file from a 9-minute video was crashing our photo gallery software -- it just wouldn't upload.

Behind the scenes, we've done some significant upgrades to the photo gallery, though it should look and act pretty much the same. It officially has built-in PicLens support, which makes it easy and kinda neat to browse through the galleries.

Meanwhile, we're trying to swap out some of the big videos for a different video format. Take a look here -- we've actually got a video of Lil' Genghis coming down a slide in less room than a single still picture -- and it looks and sounds pretty darned close to the original video.

Those other photos are coming, we promise. =)


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