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Thursday, October 02, 2008

More updates

Lotta birthdays!
Today, Thursday, is Uncle Joe's birthday. And Friday is Aunt Sharon's as well. We earlier posted about five other birthdays, and apologize for missing some. Wow.

All of the photos from Brazil are now online, about 800 of 'em. A few videos in a smaller MP4 format are there as well, and we're uploading some to YouTube at this very moment. We'll try to post some highlights in the coming days, but feel free, of course, to wander a bit.

Behind the scenes, we upgraded some of the software the photo gallery runs on, and will upgrade more by this weekend. Please let us know if you guys have any problems.

On an unrelated note, we added a map over on the right side -->>>
that purports to show where our visitors come from. We can see a few problems -- supposedly one visitor comes from the Atlantic Ocean near Africa, and that Uncle Rodrigo maybe isn't checking up on his goddaughter. We don't have any control over the map or track you in anyway; this gadget just picks up your address on the Internet, but doesn't send us anything. Anyway, it is kinda neat ...


  • Guys...Wow...A lot of pictures to see lol
    Very cute and funny pictures!
    I loved all!
    See ya,
    Aunt Selle

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6/10/08 06:16  

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