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Friday, January 30, 2009

Flickr you

So we had something kinda creepy happen where other people were using pictures of the kids, so mom somehow got Flickr to only let friends and family members see the photos. So I guess if you can't see 'em, you need to get a Flickr and/or Yahoo account and then talk to mom about getting access. Sorry. But ... heck, not "kinda creepy," but really damned creepy.

So some old photo links are going to be broken from this blog, and the slideshow in the right bar has been replaced with a news feed from Bacon Today.

We realize most folks are here for the photos anyway, and regret the trouble.

Behind the scenes, we've since learned Uncle Humberto's father died; boydog is sick, and goes back to his doctor on Monday; and girldog is just really fat. Our thoughts are with Humberto and his family, and with boydog. We'll try to let you know more when we do.


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