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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Some steps to a special kind of happiness

As with everything in life, there are different degrees of happiness. mom always sets the bar high.

Witness this:
To get kind of a happy belly:
  1. Go to the grocery and buy a jar of meat sauce

To get a fairly happy belly:
  1. Go to the grocery store and buy a pound of beef, a jar of Prego and a packet of Lipton onion soup powder.
  2. Combine

To get the most amazingly happy belly from some authentic bolognese sauce:
  1. Have a person born to parents of mixed, but largely Italian and French descent, in an area with heavy Mediterranean but multicultural influences
  2. Have said person grow up with some self confidence
  3. Have said person grow up with an unusual amount of determination, which gets her through night grad school
  4. which gets her an MBA
  5. which gets her a position as one half of her company's representatives in another country
  6. where for no apparent reason she falls in love with a guy
  7. then agrees to marry him
  8. then moves with him to a place not known for its high levels of immigration from her nation of birth
  9. who then links up with all eight people in the area
  10. one of whom invites her to a farm for a child's birthday
  11. where said husband points out a basket of nice tomatoes
  12. that somehow she magically turns into one damned good bolognese sauce.

The third option's a lot more complicated, but entirely more rewarding. And sometimes there's a kiss at the end of the meal!


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