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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Genghis Khan, Renaissance guy

Aunt Becky brought this story to our attention:
BEIJING (Reuters) - Genghis Khan -- notorious as the ruthless, bloodthirsty creator of an empire that spanned Asia and Europe -- also laid the foundations for the Renaissance, China's Xinhua news agency said Thursday.

"Genghis Khan introduced papermaking and printing technologies to Europe and pioneered cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe," it quoted Zhu Yaoting, a specialist on Mongolian history at Beijing Union University, as saying.

"He brought cultural progress that helped liberate the Europeans from the bondage of theology -- in this sense, his expeditions served as a catalyst for the Renaissance," he said.
He also cleared the way for trade, government by meritocracy, and systems that rewarded people who got educated, such as doctors. While generally benign toward cities that surrendered to him, he also cleared the way for the virtual elimination of an early, famous terrorist group.

Not bad footsteps for Lil' Genghis to follow in, dad thinks. mom immediately asked Aunt Becky to back her up with names of Olivia and Benjamin.


  • Please note earlier coment stating that Joao and Rebecca were beautiful names. I am thinking we can institute hte law that Argentina has where one must proove that their is a living person with the name you give a child if outside of the official log of names.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 21/7/06 20:32  

  • You think a Brazilian woman is going to enforce an Argentine law? Whoop!

    Score one for "Genghis." =)

    By Anonymous dad, at 21/7/06 22:45  

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