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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Names needed, quick

We're getting the ultrasound in an hour, which'll tell us at least how big The Horde is. Last chance to get your bets in: The winner will get to name the child Genghis.


  • My bet is for a single girl.

    By Anonymous the uncle, at 27/7/06 09:00  

  • I'll bet for a boy AND a girl just because it would be cute :D

    By Anonymous titia melissa - aquela tia doida q todo mundo tem., at 27/7/06 09:52  

  • Hey, which uncle was that?

    mom is convinced it'll be a girl. dad is arguing for a system, then, that lets him get to name a boy. More later. =)

    By Anonymous dad, at 27/7/06 11:53  

  • vai ser minina...

    By Blogger roleplayer, at 27/7/06 15:46  

  • The older uncle...

    By Anonymous theuncle, at 27/7/06 16:35  

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