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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A nose for news

girldog insisted on being in the bed all last night, too, ... and kept shaking the bed, again. She continued trembling through the morning, so dad took her to the vet.

The verdict? girldog has a good nose for news: She's reacting to a different smell of her pregnant mom, and she's getting more protective. That means she's getting more anxious, to some absurd lengths.

All that means, of course, is that as our family gets ready to grow larger, it's also growing closer together. That is, dad has been nuts for decades, mom for at least three years, and now it's girldog's turn. Can boydog be far behind?

On a partly unrelated note, a whole lot is already behind Uncle Eddie, the best friend of both boydog and girldog. Let's all honor Uncle Eddie with a smile and a warm thought, because the fossil turns

in a few hours. We love you, Uncle Eddie!


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