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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Raising the Horde

We have different views of raising children:

A loving, warm familyA warm, loving family
Dual citizenship until age 18Dual citizenship until age 18
An appreciation of diverse cultures and nationsAn appreciation of both nuclear weapons and guerrilla warfare
An appreciation for educationAn appreciation for education
Multilingual, with English, Portuguese and FrenchAnyone know Arabic and Mandarin?
An exposure to music and the arts, but only on the Horde's termsIt'd be really neat if the Horde could play slide guitar
No exposure to weaponsExposure to weapons begins with her boyfriend's first date
A yearning to travelA yearning to travel
An appreciation for "futebol," the beautiful sportYeah, whatever.
Yeah, whatever.An appreciation for America as history's greatest nation.


  • No Lil' Rambo in our household, nuh-huh!

    By Anonymous Mom, at 11/7/06 13:53  

  • Hey, hey, hey! Your dad was with you when you learned how to shoot a pistol. My dad was with me when I learned how to strip an AK-74 with a 5.45x39mm round mangled behind the receiver. See? It's a family tradition.

    'Sides, all I'm arguing is, if we have a girl, I need a shotgun to clean when the boyfriend shows up on the first date. It's up to each generation to scare the bejesus out of succeeding generations and thus delay procreation until an acceptable time.

    By Anonymous mom, at 11/7/06 13:59  

  • nhaaaaaa arabic and mandarim...



    By Anonymous melissa, at 12/7/06 05:29  

  • e assim, sem saber direito como e quando, nós da parte de baixo conquistamos o pessoal da parte de cima.


    E eles ainda acreditam que mandam por aí. Mostra pra ele Sú!!!

    By Blogger roleplayer, at 12/7/06 09:05  

  • Well, my dad knows Mandarin, so you can bug him! :P Sorry Suze!

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 12/7/06 17:47  

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