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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Where's my shawl?

mom was reading today on Baby Talk magazine that 57% of Americans disapprove of mothers breastfeeding their babies in public, and 72% find it inappropriate when images of nursing moms are shown on TV.

Coming from a country where this is a nonissue, mom went on to investigate ways to feed her future offspring in public without offending the delicate sensibilities of passersby. Though there are some fancy wraps and cover-ups out there, the most common model sold in major baby product stores is something that surely makes your little one look like he has just flew in from Afghanistan.

I don't know about you, but I think there's something really wrong when watching the type of shows we have on everyday TV is fine, but having a mom nurse in public is considered offensive and even indecent.


  • Even pornographic.

    More here.

    Of course, breastfeeding can increase intelligence and health. We don't really need more intelligent people in America -- it's not like we're competing against India or China or something -- nor do we need cheaper healthcare, because we're not competing against the Japanese car makers ...

    By Anonymous dad, at 13/8/06 22:03  

  • oh my god i'm speechless!!!!!!! parafraseando renato russo QUE PAIS EH ESSE??????????? minha nossa eu sabia q nos eua tinha muito paranoico, mas isso eh doenca mental grave, eh gente q faz sexo pelo buraquinho do lencol, nao eh possivel!!!!!!!!! Imagina essa mae q teve q entregar as criancas pro estado pq tava DANDO DE MAMAR PRO FILHO... Eh por essas e outras q eu sinceramente vou evitar de visitar voces, infelizmente... :P

    By Anonymous Melissa, at 15/8/06 05:01  

  • Memê, venha sim... mas não quando estiver amamentando =PPPDDD

    By Anonymous mom, at 15/8/06 10:42  

  • Love how it makes Mom look like a member of al Qaeda. Or like we're smuggling in children. "No officer, that's not a child under my shirt."
    Or ask me about the woman who nursed her THREE YEAR OLD on a crowded bus at Disney World in front of me and my mom. The child could chew steak, for crying out loud!

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 18/8/06 13:55  

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