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Friday, October 27, 2006

Dad, you're so shy...

Come on... write it big!

And don't frown... get used to glittery, cutesy, princessy stuff. Mom digs that. Did you ever tell anyone that you have fairy paintings on your master bedroom walls?

Er... probably not. Uh-oh.


  • Bella, Bellinha... I love that!

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 28/10/06 09:16  

  • I love the name and can't wait to meet little Isabella!

    By Anonymous Auntie Sharon, at 28/10/06 16:44  

  • Hey Dad, hope there are fairy paintings on the living room walls, because I *THINK* that's where you will be sleeping tonight.

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 28/10/06 17:02  

  • Wow,
    I love that name!
    Isabella you will be our always Bella!
    And the second name that I adore also - Kathryn you will be our always CAT! Pretty and with misterious eyes just like an cat!
    Many kisses for all ;)

    By Anonymous Marselle, at 29/10/06 11:12  

  • i always pictured you as a fairy painting kind of guy. :)

    By Blogger cady, at 31/10/06 07:44  

  • Eii... o blog tá meio parado
    depois que a grande notícia saiu!

    então depois de pensar um poko, resolvi sugerir novas pesquisas de opinião, vamo esquentar o blog de novo}!

    Nossa Bellinha vai ser Destra ou Canhota? ( left or right handed? )

    hehehhe... quero ver a criatividade da galera pra criar novos tópicos! heheh..

    I guess she will be Left handed!



    By Anonymous Bernie, at 1/11/06 18:08  

  • Oh, Mike, I wish our high school friends could see that comment! I have one wish for you- may your daughter turn out like me- someone who decorates their dining room wall with swords, a battle axe, and a mace :)

    By Anonymous Two-Sheds, at 7/11/06 23:52  

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