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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Searching for a name

mom just made an announcement in the comments for another post:
We're rethinking the name Olivia, by the way. Too many Olivias out there right now. We'll come up with something soon though.

So here's dad again, with some name ideas.
  • Olivia Temujin John, with references to the '80s, Genghis and her grandfather;
  • Isabella Donna, with a version of mom's preferred first name and the name of Mike's friend;
  • Kathryn DaGrate, with a grandmother's name and something vaguely Italian;
  • Genghis, simply Genghis.
Some of you may be wondering about the Lil' Genghis thing, anyway. Here's the plan: People can raise a child and not know for years how that child will turn out. I mean, you can wait until adolescence and not have a good idea. 15, 16, starts to drive, still no idea. 18, leaves the house for college or a job. 22, maybe graduates college. Only around age 25 will your child set out into the world and prove to be a loser or successful.

On the other hand, name the kid Genghis. Playground ridicule is certain to follow. But by the end of kindergarten, you'll know if your child is going to be a sniveling loser, or will have risen above it all to rule the playground. By the end of second grade, you'll see leadership skills as the kid forms a gang. Give the name Genghis to a girl, and you'll find the first female American president. (Or first female Brazilian president; she'll have dual citizenship.) From there, can "future world leader" be far behind?
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Some children are successfully raised by wolves.

I'm not saying that if the kid fails in kindergarten you should completely write him off, you know, maybe to let him or her live among the wolves. -- even this method can offer the children a second chance at success. No, you can just ... refocus ... additional efforts on the second child.

So, Genghis. Dig it.


Edited by mom: I'm at a loss for words. And names.


  • You guys should do some research on typical brazilian names: Ruticleide, Betcheiva, THAT would help her build character!!!

    Well, if you prefer to play safe, my vote is still for Olivia.

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 21/10/06 13:50  

  • I´ma start thinking now since Kyle won´t work anymore... :P

    By Anonymous Uncle Bernie, at 21/10/06 17:08  

  • I know a girl named Kyle, so its not totally unheard of.

    If you want to use DaGrate, you need to name her Alexandria.

    There are a LOT of Isabellas now, too.

    Since we didn't have any girls you're free to use Kayla Corrine. Not sure if there is any meaning to the name, but it sounds pretty.

    By Anonymous Boboli, at 24/10/06 16:55  

  • My vote is for Kara Starbuck :P

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 25/10/06 09:09  

  • Mike and Suz,
    Congrats on Baby Girl Stucka... I can't wait to see what you guys decide to name her.
    We went to the doctor's office this week and heard our baby's heartbeat... that was the neatest thing! We're about seven weeks behind you, but we can't wait to find out what our baby is either!

    By Blogger Sharon Crawford, at 26/10/06 13:35  

  • How about Apple?

    By Anonymous lisa0721, at 26/10/06 22:31  

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