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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Photos, pending more photos

The photos from Brazil, which include Genghis' first trip to Brazil, are now online here.

The photos we're all most eagerly awaiting -- those that will tell us that Lil' Genghis has 20 toes and fingers, as well as whether he'll be required to sit to pee -- are scheduled for ... tomorrow! Hopefully we'll have something up tomorrow afternoon.

Today's checkup went just fine. Dad's going to tear out three more of his scarce supply of hair trying to figure out how to post the MP3 of the heart sound, if anyone's still interested.


  • You´ve got really good pictures from the Pedra Azul trip.
    It would´ve been great if we had taken one that day but ... next time with lil´genghis. ;) sounds good.

    By Anonymous Uncle Bernie, at 20/10/06 00:03  

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