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Friday, October 27, 2006

Lil' Genghis' new name

So, after much debate and discussion, a few turned backs, some angry recriminations, the use of moderate amounts of high explosives and a broken butter dish, mom and dad have settled on a proper name for Lil' Genghis.

There are some who will call her ... Tim.

Other people, however, will more likely to call her by her given name, which is ...

It will be ...

It already is ...

We're announcing that it's ...

Isabella Kathryn

Got it?

OK. You can go away now.

K. Thx.


Belladonna berry pictureYep! mom liked the first name a lot, but dad was worried about "Izzy" popping up. This gives an option on "Bella," which is Italian for beautiful. The middle name of "Donna" he favored -- after a friend, and also to get "beautiful woman" in Italian -- was rejected out of hand by mom. dad can't imagine why.

The middle name is after dad's mother, who never did get a chance to meet mom but would've loved her. It was actually mom's idea, the middle name after her mother-in-law, which is just something most folks won't do for their mothers-in-law. So, that's it!

K. Thx.


Oh. Yeah. Except we got a little freaked out by Leeanne's comment the other day, given that she mentioned the name we were thinking of, as well as a ladybug, which is how we refer to a friend's daughter, plus the screaming. But, what the hell, it's almost Halloween. =)


  • AWESOME!!!

    I like it already!
    You did a nice choice.

    my lil "cousin" BEllinha!!

    Now it´s time to change the Title of the Blog, isn´t it? ok, it´s up to you, of course! :P


    By Anonymous Bernie, at 27/10/06 20:34  

  • Godammit, Bernie! You sure are fast posting comments. Glad that you have been visiting the blog, and glad you like the name. We may keep the blog name though... or add a byline kind of deal.

    Hope all's good in the hood.

    By Anonymous mom, at 27/10/06 20:46  

  • what a beautiful name!!

    By Blogger cady, at 27/10/06 21:23  

  • ooooooohhhhhhhh i would just love to have a niece called belladonna!!! it's just so rock'n'roll!!!! :P But... Bella will do... As in Bela Lugosi.. :P

    By Anonymous melissa, at 28/10/06 11:32  

  • Oh good, I can come up with a bunch of nicknames for it .....
    Izzy, Bellie, Bella, Isabellie, Crankypants

    Wait, the last one is the one I call my friend's girl. :)

    But very good choice. I love it! Can't wait to meet Izzy. ;)

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 28/10/06 17:00  

  • :P

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 28/10/06 17:04  

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