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Monday, November 13, 2006

A birthday gift to another dad

We've blogged before about Marcus, the young lad who might, in time, be a dating prospect for our dear Lil' Genghis. But we haven't said a whole lot about Marcus' folks: one is a childhood friend of mom, and the other is seemingly missing from a mental institution.

It's to the latter that we dedicate this blog posting, for it's Chris' birthday. He turns 14gbx96as years old today, in crazy people years.

So, yeah, he's odd. dad thinks his big snake is pretty cool and all, but there's the fascination with bladed weaponry that makes some people a bit nervous. But, still, Chris is a dad, so we have to work within the confines of the system. I mean, yeah, in our town you need a license to own a dog, but they just let him breed, so it's the general public that ought to worry.

On that note, then, we offer Chris a mal-adjusted children's book, featuring mass murder, homicide, rampant carnivorism, and, of course, firearms.

Chris, dear buddy, share this book with your precious boy. Pick it up at your local library, as we did, and bask in the loving glow of a murderous rampage, brought to you through a children's book.


  • I still love Shel Silverstein ... you must get The End of the Sidewalk ... for raising kids and parents with the right perspective ....


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/12/06 03:53  

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