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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Preparing for Turkey Day

Our dear friends and other random readers may be wondering why we're getting so lazy with our postings (thanks for pulling our legs, Bernie), but like every other American or half-American family we're preparing for the biggest feast of the year: Thanksgiving, the eagerly awaited Turkey Day. mom still has trouble dissociating turkeys from Xmas but lo and behold, Lil' Genghis'd better enjoy the bird 'cuz she's having it twice a year, while mom, notoriously a "let'em damn birds alone" person will stick with some Tofurky, at best. Yum!


  • As soon as Lil' Genghis is old enough to eat food that hasn't been through a blender, we're going to have to shift from the Tofurky to the turducken.

    Ahh, it's good to be an American. =)

    By Anonymous dad, at 9/11/06 21:53  

  • That's the royal flush of yuck for mom, dear friends. If we're roasting this I swear I'll go eat at IHOP.

    By Anonymous mom, at 9/11/06 22:11  

  • I want turducken for xmas!!!!

    By Anonymous unclerod, at 10/11/06 05:49  

  • Ooh, I found an alternative turkey recipe here. If mom hadn't made me take the wire-feed welder off our baby registry, we could've combined that recipe with the beer can turkey ... but some people just don't understand progress.

    Rod, it looks like we can't offer you a quaducant this year as an alternative. Sorry.

    By Anonymous dad, at 10/11/06 07:25  

  • Tofurky ..........
    American?????!!!!!??????? I don't recall the Pilgrims feasting on their Tofurky.
    Turducken, on the other hand ...........

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 10/11/06 16:48  

  • We from the granola-munching nation say that nothing is as American as Tofurky!

    By Anonymous mom, at 10/11/06 18:44  

  • Heeeeeerrrrrreeeeeee, birdie birdie birdie ..............
    :) Sure you want me near your child???

    By Anonymous Leeanne, at 11/11/06 15:40  

  • That's so exciting that you're putting so much effort into a Tgiving feast! Not because I admire your spirit of tradition, but because I can't cook, so I ain't makin' squat. But now that I know you'll be overloaded with good eats, I'm heading to your house for the holidays. See you soon!

    By Blogger karla, at 12/11/06 12:42  

  • Of course you could celebrate Thanksgiving the traditional Italian way. Our meals usually consist of lasagna, manicotti, mostacolli, ravioli, and gnocchi. In some things, meat is usually used, but can be easily omitted for the more faint of heart.

    Unless you're a vegan. That means no cheese. In that case, you're SOL.

    By Anonymous Boboli, at 13/11/06 15:41  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous mom, at 13/11/06 15:52  

  • Viva Italia! I could live on those dishes, Boboli.

    I'm not a vegetarian per se; I just don't like meat but I eat it parsimoniously. Poultry is my true aversion, I just can't stand any birds on my plate.

    Oh, and bring on that cheese! Love the gooey stuff!

    By Anonymous mom, at 13/11/06 15:53  

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