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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Health update

  • Lil' Genghis is doing just fine in the arms of Vo Mineiro and Lucia.
  • Aunt Cady fell down and smacked her head on a floor, getting a concussion in the process. Uncle Joe tells us that the warning signs are a lot like freshman year of college: slurred speech, vomiting, dizziness, and the desire to dress your passed-out male roommate in a borrowed bra and blue eyeliner because he peed in your closet. Anyway, she should be fine, for which we're all grateful. The closet, well, let's not think about that.
  • Aunt Becky had a little health scare before she found out a virus was enlarging her spleen. She's off celebrating the good news now, helping to enlarge her liver. Just what the hell is a pomegranate martini, anyway? dad went to college with Aunt Becky and remembers the martini was two shots of gin for $3, compared to a horrible horrible vodka shot for $2.50. In other words, it was a cheap, fast way to get the party started. When the hell did something other than gin and a miniscule sampling of vermouth become something other than a martini? Geesh.

Oh, yeah. Congratulations to all three ladies on their good health! And a special nod to Aunt Becky's spleen, winner of the Most Obscure Organ Award in 2002, 2004, and 2007!


  • I wish the best to all 3 ladies!
    And the best wish for th ladie that have a concussion. I know what is that.
    Kisses for all of you guys!

    By Anonymous Marselle, at 17/5/07 06:32  

  • Mike and SĂș,
    Aunt Marselle likes a lot vodka \o/
    That's vodka that I used to drink when I go out with my girlfriends!
    Kisses for all again,

    By Anonymous Marselle, at 17/5/07 06:37  

  • Guys, hope everyone is alive there. Those three are wild! Concussion sucks big time. Never had one, but once helped a friend. Ain't pretty stuff. Well, I love wine! Best of all. But when it's about party out, cold beer's the best. Peace!

    By Blogger Silas Alexandre, at 18/5/07 11:13  

  • Pomegranate Martinis are equal parts vodka and pomegranate uicve. Get your antioxidants (that stave off cancer) with the liquor. And they are oooh so yummy.

    By Anonymous Aunt Becky, at 28/5/07 21:51  

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