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Friday, July 20, 2007

Becoming American

With proper filing of Form I-751 and confirmed receipt of several financial instruments, followed by biometrics reprocessing in camera before duly appointed representatives of the USCIS, mom began to meet the basic bureaucratic demands of Form I-751, such that the proper and duly filed application could be considered within the whole of her experience within the finest nation the world has ever known.

In other words, after a bunch of paperwork spread over three years, mom got her Green Card.

The new one is unconditional and would just need to be renewed sometime around Lil' Genghis 10th birthday. Or, as those damned Brazilians say it with their stupid metric system, the deca-anniversario.

Anyway, this is good news. It also can mean mom can think about obtaining American citizenship, which in turn would allow her to vote and officially Become Republican.

Now, some people, like Uncle Rodrigo, might disapprove of the idea that his sister could Become Republican. You know, that's fine. This, after all, is the guy who moved from the capitol of prostitution ... er ... capitol of Norway ... to Belgium, the only country recognized as a profanity by Google.

So let's all congratulate mom for her hard work in obtaining unconditional permanent residency, and encourage her to Become Republican.

In the coming months, we hope to get Lil' Genghis a U.S. passport, a Brazilian visa, a Brazilian birth certificate, a Brazilian passport, and more time away from Uncle Rodrigo.

P.S. Dear USCIS: Did you really have to double most of your fees before we filed for naturalization? Yeah. Thanks.


  • Capitol?

    By Anonymous UncleRod, at 21/7/07 14:08  

  • Yeah SuZ!!

    Welcome to the dichotomy of self loathing and egomaniacal superiority of THE GREATEST SOCIETY TO EVER WALK WITH STOMPY LEAD BOOTS ALL OVER THE FACE OF THE EARTH -

    Its really nice to have you.

    Anywhoo, bienvenue.

    By Blogger Shwa, at 21/7/07 23:12  

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